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We are all part of the same atmosphere, we share a common destiny and are all interconnected, so we need to build a "common breath community of human destiny" in order to significantly improve our life quality and longevity and to help achieve our common ideal of happiness for all.

We firmly maintain and promote the development of the "paris agreement" and other existing international collaborations, cooperate for building the regional common breath community of destiny, and lead building of new organizations and mechanisms for breath safety (the Institute of Breath Microenvironment, the Transnational Research and Development Center for Breath Protection Innovative Products, etc.). This is a practical platform for the "common breath community of human destiny" to be really implemented.

For breathing together and sharing a common destiny, breath safety is the common health vision of all mankind today, and Pure Planet contributes Chinese wisdom to the implementation and push of this vision.

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Anorectal drug delivery device

---Anorectal Drug Delivery Device

Relief for human constipation, new concept and breakthrough in anorectal care. With "intelligence", create something extraordinary in a unique way.