Good News | Pure Planet-Wearable Respiratory Protection System Wins the Third Prize at the Fourth (2021) China Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Good news | Pure Planet-wearable respiratory protection system wins the third prize at the fourth (2021) china Medical device innovation and entrepreneurship competition

Company news


In the final of epidemic prevention and infection control disinfection products at the Fourth (2021) china medical device innovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Zibo, Shandong Province on 18-19 October 2021, Pure Planet®-Wearable Respiratory Protection System won the third prize and became the "only winning" wearable respiratory protection product.


Competition overview

The competition was hosted by the strategic alliance of medical device industry technological innovation, Zibo municipal bureau of industry and information technology, Zibo enterprise federation, Zibo rntrepreneurs association, and bluesail medical co., ltd., and was supported by china association for medical devices industry, Zibo municipal science and technology bureau, Zibo municipal administration for market regulation, Zibo municipal health commission, the economic development zone of linzi district and innoMD website. The Competition gathered nearly 40 outstanding projects, and seven experts from the judging panel on site discussed intensely with the contestants according to the issues of the innovation, clinical value, social value and project progress, and gave professional comments and optimization suggestions to each project, and finally selected one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes and several excellent prizes on site.

On-site presence


At the competition, Pu Chenxiao, the project reporter, gave an impassioned and step-by-step introduction to the director, the team, project, project background, product functions, market situation, risk analysis and so on. The four major functions of the Pure Planet®-wearable respiratory protection system, which has a filtration effect far superior to that of the 3M N95 mask and truly realizes the combination of static sealing and dynamic sealing. The report by Pu Chenxiao set off a climax of the Competition.

This wearable respiratory protection system is the world's first all-in-one respiratory protection system that provides breath safety and breath gain! It has four powerful functions. In addition to efficient filtration, the product is a complete set of electronic instruments with four major functions: ultra-low air resistance, warm and moist airflow, release of pure negative oxygen ions in high concentration and provision of respiratory assistance.

Future prospect


The project team, Beijing yangsheng hengtai technology co., ltd., is based on the innovation of medical devices, follows the trend of medical device regulatory policy and medical system reform, adopts a systemic thinking with interdiscipline and multi-contact points, uses the multi-coupling strategy for resolving technology contradiction, and strives to create diversified products that integrate innovative product functions with leading academic theory.

It is believed that the third prize won by the "Pure Planet®-wearable respiratory protection system" project at the platform of the competition is a recognition of our product by the people from the medical device industry, and  the product will also be favored by consumers after it is launched, the product will have a broader prospect, broaden more indications and bring a major breakthrough to the human respiratory microenvironment.

Post time: Nov-16-2022