Negative Ions in High Concentration for Active Protection of Human Health——–Lanjing Interview · Yu Mengsun, an Academician of CAE

Negative ions in high concentration for active protection of human health Lanjing Interview · Yu Mengsun, an academician of CAE

Yu Mengsun, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and an expert in aerospace medicine and biomedical engineering;

He is currently the Director of the Aeromedical Engineering Research Center of the Air Force Research Institute of Aerospace Medicine and the Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering (CSBME).

In 1958, he successfully sent China's first aeromedical telemetry device into the blue sky and started China's aeromedical and biomedical engineering research career.

In 2011, he applied Qian Xuesen's system theory to propose "human health engineering" and led the scientific research team to tackle the difficult problem of aviation and health service at plateau.

In 2012, he won the award of "News Figure for Practicing the Core Values of Contemporary Revolutionary Soldiers" of the whole PLA.


Yu Mengsun, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering:


Active protection from two aspects

The first is to improve own health to a higher level. Even in the unlikely event that we encounter an infection, we will not develop it, but will instead strengthen the resistance. This is why it is fundamental to improve our own health.

Secondly, it shall make the environment to be healthy for people, rather than just disinfecting the environment.

It is now known that an environment with negative oxygen ions in high concentration is an environment with fresh air. In this environment, virus is not easy to generate and develop. So if we can make the air in our room fresher, that is, with negative ions in high concentration, it has been proved that as long as the negative ion concentration reaches more than 20,000 ions per cubic centimeter, the virus is not infectious; If such concentration exceeds 50,000, it is extremely helpful for human health.

Therefore, we need to make our environment to have negative oxygen ions in high concentration. For example, our indoor, even the environment in which we often walk, we make such environment to have negative oxygen ions in high concentration. On the one hand, our own resistance increases, and our environment is also more conducive to health, so we can really achieve active protection!


sleep• breath micro environment

With built-in negative oxygen ion dense array directional release module, thus it can provide the closest and most abundant negative oxygen ions to the human body. Up to 4.6 million ions per cubic centimeter!


Research confirms: high concentration of negative oxygen ions is extremely helpful to human health! High concentration of negative oxygen ions help to soothe the smooth muscle of airway, enhance the function of heart and lung, promote body metabolism, regulate immune balance and enhance the repair ability of cells!


At the longevity area in Bama County, Guangxi Province, the negative oxygen ion content is 30,000/cm3. The content is less than 100/cm3 in the urban area, which can not meet the basic needs of maintaining health!


Post time: Nov-16-2022