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  • wearable• breath protection system
  • wearable• breath protection system

wearable• breath protection system

The world’s leading wearable breath protection system

Pure Planet® wearable• breath protection system is the world’s first integrated breath protection system that provides breath safety and breath gain, based on the innovative concept of multi-coupling – human-machine gain interaction bionics!
Ensure dynamic and reliable breath protection during non-sleep periods, enable 24-hour continuous breath micro-environment intervention!


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Four major functions of the product

Function 1 : efficient filtering


Function 1 : efficient filtering

3D sealing unit

Designed with reverse 3D scanning technology of human face, four sizes (P/S/M/L) are suitable for more than 95% of Asian people, medical grade silicone material adapts to human face during use to achieve a closer fit.

Adopt reverse bionic TMJ design

It solves the problem of dynamic sealing of breath protection products. Through the innovative concept of multi-coupling-human-machine gain interaction bionics, it grasps the law of human temporomandibular joint movement to achieve dynamic sealing with 3D sealing unit. It completely eliminates the risk of inhaling airborne disease-causing particles when opening the mouth to speak.

Adopt reverse bionic TMJ design

The external contour of multi-coupled bionic butterfly scales design multiplies the air filtration area and creates ultra-low air resistance. Experimentally measured air resistance is only 3Pa.

The filtration unit is composed of multi-layer electret fiber membrane enclosing the internal dendritic support, and relies on mechanical interception and electrostatic adsorption, the filtration efficiency is nearly 100%. The PM2.5 is completely blocked.

Open mouth activity - purification effect measurement

Pure planet:

Ambient concentration: 410μg/m³

Post-filtering concentration: 0μg/m³

Open mouth activity: 0μg/m³  Stable value


Open mouth activity - purification effect measurement

KN95 mask:

Ambient concentration: 370μg/m³

Post-filtering concentration: 190μg/m³

Open mouth activity: 242μg/m³ Numerical value


Function 2 :two-way temperature and humidity adjustment


Function 2 :two-way temperature and humidity adjustment

Wall-mounted hydrogel unit

With the bionic mucus blanket of the nasal mucosa, dry air is moistened by the surface of the hydrogel during inhalation and then inhaled into the nasal cavity; when exhaling, warm and moist air flows through the hydrogel surface with the lower temperature, which rehydrates and warms the hydrogel through the "rehydration effect" and then better moistens and warms the inhaled air.

The camel has an important moisture retention system, mainly thanks to its unique nose (total nasal mucosa area ≥ 1000 cm). When extremely dry gases enter the nasal cavity, the nasal mucosa exudes water to moisten the air. When exhaling the gas, the water is trapped on the surface of the nasal mucosa, thus achieving "rehydration".

Function 3 :release pure negative oxygen ions with high concentration


Function 3 :release pure negative oxygen ions with high concentration

Channel layout structure releases negative oxygen ions

 At the longevity area in Bama County, Guangxi Province, the negative oxygen ion content is 30,000/cm3. The content is less than 100/cm3 in the urban area, which can not meet the basic needs of maintaining health!

The content of negative oxygen ions generated after purification can reach up to millions per cubic centimeter! 

Countless studies have shown that pure negative oxygen ions help to soothe the smooth muscle of airway, promote cilia movement, improve sleep quality, and regulate immune balance!

Only pure negative oxygen ions can better play a beneficial biological role in the human body.


Function 4 :provide breath assistance--Create the best user experience


Function 4 :provide breath assistance--Create the best user experience

Ultra-low breath resistance

Active air delivery and cooling

 The active air delivery module with independent filtration unit is equipped with multiple airflow options, and together with the butterfly wing type filtration unit, it meets the individual needs of reducing resistance, dissipating heat and increasing air delivery during exercise.

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