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anorectal drug delivery device

The world’s first bionic anal canal physiological function of the Unique path® anorectal drug delivery device achieves care for the whole process of defecation (including induction of bowel movement + safe defecation+ anal cleaning and care), solves all the defects of the traditional glycerine enema, and fills the gap in the market of scientific anal care.


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1.Bionic anal canal physiological function


1.Bionic anal canal physiological function


The shape of the soft tentacle is based on the mandarin fruit, and the head of the soft tentacle acting on the anal mucosa is enlarged, with hardness imitating healthy feces but far exceeding the function of healthy feces, and the application of elastic material avoids stimulation attenuation of feces due to the tension of the anal canal, and multiple sinus-shaped flexible protrusions on the soft tentacle can probe into the bottom of the anal sinus to remove residual fecal debris, inflammatory secretions, blood clots, etc., so that the opening of the anal glands can be opened smoothly.

With the keel-supported soft tentacle, the central infusion rod not only facilitates the peristaltic delivery of liquid medicine, but also plays a keel-supporting role to avoid deformation caused by the tension of the anal canal, and can move relative to the soft tentacle to increase the contact area and friction with the sensory mucosa of the anal canal, which can fully act on the pressure receptors of defecation, induce the defecation reflex and fully clean the mucosa of the anal canal.

2.Induction of bowel movement for safe defecation


2.Induction of bowel movement for safe defecation

Soft tentacle front-end flexible projection

The flexible protrusion can easily enter the anal sinus and fully contact the anal canal mucosa.

Fully stimulate the defecation receptors in the anal canal to induce defecation intention

Its hardness is close to that of anorectal mucosa, and it has good deformation ability to avoid mucosal damage.

Fully adhere to paste medicine, push and pull rotation in the anal canal, uniform coating


Anal right Angle conformal head curved

It is not only convenient to enter the anal canal, but also can maximally clean the mucous membrane and stimulate the defecation receptor when rotating.

Massage of prostate

Prostatic massage can be achieved during defecation or anal sinus cleaning.


3.Anal cleaning and care


3.Anal cleaning and care


All-round drug delivery and even application

The side of the front of the soft tentacle is equipped with multiple drug delivery ports, which can fully and evenly apply the drug to the anal wall, increasing the lubrication and laxative effect.


Scale lines for precise drug delivery

The outer surface of the soft tentacle is equipped with a scale line with increasing values from the top to the bottom to show the length of the anorectal drug delivery device into the anus for guiding the precise drug delivery.

Fluid reservoir

A variety of "liquid medicine", including glycerine enema, honey water, pure water, etc., can be selected according to demand, and can be used individually and precisely for patients with various types of constipation, diarrhea and anal diseases.


Containing bottle

The containing bottle is designed for easy soaking and disinfection, storage and portability for repeated use.



Clinical problem solutions




Once the accumulation of fecal debris, inflammatory secretions, and blood clots in the anal sinus blocks the opening of the anal glands, it will lead to poor secretion and decreased local resistance, making it easy for sinusitis to occur and, in severe cases, perianal abscesses, which can then lead to anal fistulas.


In the process of defecation of constipation patients, the front section of dry hard stool scratches the anal canal mucosa, the back section of thin stool is very easy to enter the anal sinus (sanitary dead end) and is difficult to remove.


Patients with diarrhea have a thin and leaking stool pattern that prevents the anal canal from fully dilating during defecation and makes it easy for the leaking stool to be retained in the anal sinus.


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